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PRIDE NSX Exhaust System - V2

PRIDE NSX Exhaust System - V2

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The Pride Exhaust Acura NSX V2 Cat-back Exhaust System is a direct bolt-on to all 1991-1996 NSX’s. The 1997-2005 NSX requires an adapter kit, which is sold separately. This exhaust will fit perfectly on the 91-01 OEM rear lower valance and also 02-05 OEM valance. It will also fit aftermarket rear lower valances like DownForce, GT-ONE, Seibon, etc. Pride's V2 exhaust system will give your NSX the exotic performance note and still remain very bearable at low rpm’s without attracting any unwanted attention. This exhaust is very street-able and can be daily-driven comfortably.

The difference between Pride's V1 and V2 systems is the piping design and piping diameter. The V2 features an approximately 15% higher pitched tone than the V1 series which has been discontinued.


Material: Stainless Steel  / Full Titanium

Piping Diameter: 2.25″ / 2.5"

Mufflered / Non-mufflered (RFL) designs

Stainless Weight: 23-27 lbs

Full Titanium Weight: 12 lbs (Can be purchased here)

Full Titanium RFL: 9.75 lbs (Can be purchased here)

All PRIDE EXHAUST products come with a 2 year warranty from the purchase date.

Please contact us for questions or for international shipping quotes. 

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