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Apkarian 3 Bar LED Taillights - Used

Apkarian 3 Bar LED Taillights - Used

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We have a USED set of Apkarian 3 Bar LED Taillights already installed in a set of NSX Taillights.  This set was built by Chris Apkarian himself with a brand new set of USDM taillights. The taillights have been tested and all LEDs work as they should.  No visible cracks or scratches on the taillight lenses.  When brakes are applied all LEDs light up. 

These are Plug and Play except for one wire that needs to be grounded so that Brake Lamp Indicator Error does not trigger (see pics for instructions).  

This kit was released in 2009 and produced by a fellow NSX owner.  Find more information here: Introducing the Acura NSX DIY LED Taillight Kit

Will also include full PDF of installation instructions for buyer. 



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