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CRF Oil Pan Baffle Plate

CRF Oil Pan Baffle Plate

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NSX has always had oiling issues when they are on the track, prone to oil starvation on high lateral acceleration turns. When oil is no longer around the pick up tube in the pan, oil pressure drops, destroying your motor.

The Cedar Ridge Fabrication oil pan baffle plate is a simple steel plate (18 Gauge) which is welded into your OEM steel oil pan to control oil sloshing during lateral acceleration. The baffle helps control oil during braking, acceleration and turning, helping to save your motor! The plate is designed to be welded in your pan 50mm from the bottom of the pan. This is below the normal full level of the oil which means the plate is lower than other baffles so it control the oil better during turns, features narrow oval drain back slots for efficient oil return. Fits all NSX models with a 'C' motor, 1991-2005.

-Steel construction.

-OEM oil pan compatible, no modification needed.

-Welded into the OEM oil pan.

-Laser cut for accurate fit.

-Honda C motor ONLY



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