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Foundry3 develops some of the most beautiful and functional bespoke items for the NSX.  We are proud to continue to bring their products to you!

Foundry3 has reduced the weight of the mounts to lighter than OEM (about 3/4 the weight), as well as developed a specialized formula bushing specifically for the NSX providing stock comfort with minimal drivetrain flex.

Switch out all 4 of your OEM consumable engine mounts to mounts that will last forever, look better, and will transform the responsiveness of your car. The OEM mounts are notorious for ripping apart over time, this design will not do that.

Additionally, you will have better throttle response due to less drive train flex. If your NSX is turbo and supercharged, this is a must-have upgrade to avoid additional wear on items under load from engine movement.

No core's needed, no down-time, just swap these in place of your OEM mounts.

Street - 62A, or stock feel come standard.
Race - 75A contact us for more info

** All 4 mounts are for MANUAL NSXs ONLY **

** All mounts are ceramic clear coated for a maintenance-free finish **

** Passenger Side Mount now can be purchased separately.  This is the heaviest of all the mounts. **

Please contact us for international shipping quote.

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