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HCE NSX Injector Seats

HCE NSX Injector Seats

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Billet 6061 injector seats with dual-bore seals designed for use with 14mm Bosch style injectors. 


When upgrading to a modern fuel system it becomes apparent that aftermarket injectors don't work well with the OEM isolators due to part size differences. Using the OEM isolators with aftermarket injectors will result in poor fitment symptoms such as vacuum leaks or obstructed spray patterns.


The HCE C30A/C32A injector seats positively constrain the injector in the intake manifold and allow it to seal properly without spray pattern obstructions. HCE's injector seats will make the journey of upgrading to a modern fuel system easier and better.


Billet 6061 anodized seats with dual bore o-ring seals to convert from OEM 16mm fuel injectors to a 14mm Bosch style injector.

Constrains the injector radially and axially to ensure it is in the perfect location.

Bypasses the air injection system which can cause vacuum leaks.


CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum with class II hard anodization.


Special Order Colors: Please allow for additional 2 weeks for custom colors to be ready.

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