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MITA NSX-R Style Maintenance Engine Lid - Aluminum

MITA NSX-R Style Maintenance Engine Lid - Aluminum

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The MITA NSX-R Style Maintenance Lid is a single aluminum unibody piece that allows the engine bay to be visible while protecting it from any debris that might possibly destroy the rear hatch glass.

With the OEM maintenance lid usually on backorder, MITA's maintenance lid can help substitute without having to wait for the OEM piece. Other maintenance lids are made of fiberglass that can feel flimsy and improper when propped up; they sometimes bend or warp due to the heat of the engine which is not aesthetically pleasing. MITA's maintenance engine lid is similar to Honda’s OEM NSX-R Maintenance Lid. MITA has made their maintenance lid to be one aluminum piece with a protective mesh welded onto the body.

MITA also redesigned the maintenance lid to be NSX-T (Targa) friendly. With the NSX-Ts having a different firewall layout compared to the coupes, the support frame was redesigned to fit without the need for spacers.

The original seal found on the factory maintenance lid can be used on this Maintenance Engine Lid. OEM installation parts fit MITA's maintenance lid.

  • Material: 6061 CNC Machined Aluminum Unibody

  • Applicable: 1991-2005 All NSX Models

  • Weight: 18.96 Lbs

  • Hinges needed for installation: OEM Standard Coupe Hinges (Coupe) / OEM NSX-R or NSX-S Specific Hinges (Targa)

    • For installation, please install hinges first to the maintenance lid, then install onto the body of the NSX.

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note: This item will be shipped directly from Japan.  If not currently in stock, 3-4 week build time. 

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