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MITA NSX-R Boss Full Kit (Steering Wheel Hub)

MITA NSX-R Boss Full Kit (Steering Wheel Hub)

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Brand new MITA NSX-R Boss Kit. This NSX-R Boss Kit works for After Market NSX Steering wheels, especially Momo, Nardi, or etc. This is the hub that is found either on the NSX-R or NSX-S. The kit includes the necessary installation for either an OEM Honda Type S horn button or the NSX-R Horn button, or any other horn button from Mugen or etc. It incorporates the OEM NSX-R Boss kit with MITA's own necessary relays and items for a smooth and complete installation.

Full Kit includes: 

  • Genuine boss hub for NSX-R

  • Genuine horn bracket ring for the NSX-R

  • Required nuts for NSX-R Steering Wheel

  • Genuine steering wheel screws for horn button ring

  • Genuine horn holder for horn button

  • SRS warning canceler (Fuse and resistance built-in type are safe!)

  • Horn operating set

** note: price/shipping costs reflects import fees incurred bringing these products into the US.   Let us know if you have any questions! 

Chris Lum Install/Review Video: 

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