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MITA NSX Reinforced Door Window Sash Cover

MITA NSX Reinforced Door Window Sash Cover

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The door window sash covers of the Honda / Acura NSXs are attached to the doors by a set of clips that are snapped to them. The inner clips of the OEM parts, like many other snapped pieces, have been designed to make the assembly of the car fast and easy, without taking into account future repairs, which would require removing and reinstalling the part. That’s why most of these parts are prone to break and have to be handled with care.
In addition to this, time, heat exposure, wear, and sometimes previous repairs, weaken the inner clips. When these parts are removed from a car, it is pretty uncertain whether it will be possible to snap them back.

Honda / Acura NSXs’ door window sash covers have to be detached to remove the door panels, for example. Finding out that they won’t fit back again because of broken inner clips can be frustrating and overwhelming.


The Team at MITA Motorsports is aware of this issue and of how hard and expensive it can be to find these parts at the Honda dealership. That’s why they redesigned this product reinforcing the inner clips, making the inserts stronger and more durable than the ones that come with the original part and, at the same time, used state-of-the-art technology to replicate the OEM leather print finish. In this way, customers will keep the originality and value of their NSX intact, with a part that looks great and is tougher than the original one.

Fits these cars: 1990-2005 NSX (All Models)

The parts are easy to install; however, MITA recommends owners to refer to the replacement and removal procedure shown in the factory service manual of their NSX.

OEM Clips Available! 

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