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MITA NSX Reinforced Door Window Sash Cover - TWEETER

MITA NSX Reinforced Door Window Sash Cover - TWEETER

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NSX users who want to improve their car’s audio system usually want to install tweeters in the Front Door’s Window Sash Cover. There are some problems:

  • People have to modify their OEM front door window sash covers to install the tweeters there. It’s difficult to do a good customized job unless you hire a professional, and it is hard to get an OEM look.

  • The inner clips of the OEM parts, like many others, have been designed to make the assembly of the car fast and easy, without considering future repairs, which would require removing and reinstalling the part. That’s why most of these parts are prone to break and have to be handled with care.

  • In addition to this, time, heat exposure, wear, and sometimes previous repairs weaken the inner clips. When these parts are removed from a car, it is pretty uncertain whether it will be possible to snap them back. Just imagine what might happen if you add the weight of a tweeter to the equation.

  • People may want to be able to revert back to OEM. If they modified the original parts that came with the car, there wouldn’t be a way of going back to original. OEM parts are expensive, hard to get, and there is no way to know how long they will be available.


MITA designed a Reinforced Front Door Window Sash Cover that is also a tweeter pod. It has a 40mm insert made to fit a 52mm tweeter. Apart from that, MITA reinforced the inner clips, making the inserts stronger and more durable than the ones that come on the original part, and, at the same time, MITA used state-of-the-art technology to replicate the OEM leather print finish. In this way, the customers will be able to install their aftermarket tweeter in that location, and it will look factory-made, keeping the originality and value of their NSX intact.

Important: compatible with any brand 52mm tweeters.

The parts are easy to install; however, MITA recommends owners to refer to the replacement and removal procedure shown in the factory service manual of their NSX.

Price is for a pair of front tweeter sash covers.  

OEM Clips also available! 

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