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MITA NSX Rubber Antenna Conversion Kit

MITA NSX Rubber Antenna Conversion Kit

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Introducing the MITA NSX Rubber Antenna Conversion Kit – a cutting-edge solution to upgrade your vehicle’s aesthetic. This kit seamlessly replaces the lengthy factory OEM antenna with the sleek and modern S2000 antenna. Crafted with precision, our kit utilizes the authentic S2000 rubber antenna, complemented by a custom-designed adapter for secure installation.

Experience a hassle-free installation process that takes only 5-10 minutes, facilitated by our detailed installation pictures. Rest assured, the antenna signal remains unaffected, ensuring uninterrupted operation with the S2000 antenna. Upgrade your NSX effortlessly with the MITA NSX Rubber Antenna Conversion Kit for a refined and contemporary look.

Installation Guide:


Compatibility Check:
Ensure that your vehicle is equipped with an OEM antenna. Our product is designed specifically for OEM antennas and is not compatible with aftermarket antennas.

Prepare the Work Area:
Place a protective mat around the antenna to prevent any scratches or damage to the vehicle’s surface during the installation process.

Locking Nut Removal:
Carefully remove the locking nut securing the existing antenna in place. Use the appropriate tools to ensure a precise and damage-free removal.

Antenna Removal:
Once the locking nut is removed, gently pull out the existing OEM antenna from its housing. Take care to avoid any unnecessary force that may cause damage.

Mounting Nut Installation:
Secure the new mounting nut provided with our antenna and carefully screw it into the antenna housing. Ensure a snug fit to guarantee stability.

Rubber Antenna Attachment:
Attach the rubber antenna to the mounting nut. Be cautious not to overtighten, as it may cause damage to the antenna or the vehicle.

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