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MITA NSX Reinforced Door Lining Set

MITA NSX Reinforced Door Lining Set

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MITA noticed that many customers complained that OEM Honda door liner pieces break too easily and are hard to get. Additionally, buying brand new OEM door linings would only experience the same issues again over time.

MITA Motorsports redesigned the door liners, reinforcing the problematic tabs solving the problem once and for all.

The liners are twice as thick as the original, and the edges redesigned for greatly improved durability over the OEM.

The result is a much stronger product than the OEM that fits perfectly in any NSX.
MITA produced their parts to feature a leather-like texture that very closely matches the NSX original pieces and other interior parts.
With a fit and finish at such a high level, MITA aims to please even the most particular NSX owners with their liners.

  • Material: ABS Plastic

  • Color: Black with leather print

  • Part Number: 83547-NMP-A00ZE, 83597-NMP-A00ZE, 83598-NMP-A00ZE, 83548-NMP-A00ZE, 83549-NMP-A00ZE, 83599-NMP-A00ZE

Fitment: 1990-2005 NSX (All Models)

MITA recommends owners to refer to the factory service manual for removal and installation procedure.

Installation Guide:

 Additional Notes:

If there is resistance in opening the doors once the MITA Reinforced Door Liners are installed, you can unthread these two grommets 1 turn each to allow for the doors to open easier.

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