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NSX - New Sports Experimental Badge / Emblem

NSX - New Sports Experimental Badge / Emblem

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NSX - New Sports Experimental Badge


It is disputed what NSX stands for, but we love the design of this badge.  This is one of the various meanings that have popped up in different publications.  

Per a Honda News article, the “New Sports Experimental” name was selected by a team at American Honda.  See article below:

Here is an excerpt from the article: 

From NS-X to NSX – Naming Acura's New Supercar

The NS-X development name was one of several created by the R&D team in Japan to represent the prototype supercar. In the view of the development team, the naming concept for NS-X was "New," "Sportscar" and "unknown world" – with "X" being the mathematical symbol for a variable, or an unknown value. A team at American Honda, selected NS-X from the list of possible names, but chose to express the definition as "New Sports eXperimental."


Badge is made of plastic and measures 7.5” x 0.5”

Limited Quantities available!


Further Research by Driver’s Therapy:


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