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OEM NSX Knee Bolster

OEM NSX Knee Bolster

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OEM Honda / Acura NSX lower knee bolster cover.

This leather cover that protects the steering column’s wiring is underneath the steering column.

Because of the high traffic nature of its location sometimes the clips or even the leather gets worn out. The leather can separate from the panel or the entire panel can hang unevenly

Luckily a replacement can help your interior look brand new.

With the lower knee bolster, there are 4 options to choose from; unfortunately for Left Hand Drive NSXs, the LHD Real Black option is only piece that is compatible.

The Right Hand Drive versions come in three different colors; Real Black, Pure Red, and Pure Black Alcantara.

Pure Black Alcantara was only available on Right Hand Drive NA1/NA2 NSX-Rs.

OEM Part Numbers:
77210-SL0-A01ZA - Left Hand Drive
77210-SL0-010ZC - Right Hand Drive

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